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Rental Demand

City centre living is popularising in many key cities across the country including Glasgow, Edinburgh & London.

For this reason, many tenants are willing to pay a higher rental cost for the convenience of living in a central area in close proximity to universities, businesses and retail.

Our team of property experts understand the requirements of investors when it comes to finding the right buy-to-let investment for your property portfolio.


With Glasgow, Edinburgh & London now fully transformed into specialised business hubs for a variety of sectors. By looking into the prospects for careers and upcoming jobs in different areas, you should gain an understanding of how likely people are to move to that location.

These thriving cities are also prominent for business, meaning that a rise in population is inevitable where people wish to relocate to advance their careers.

Market Growth

Investing in a prime area predicted for strong future growth is crucial to your decision making. By analysing the forecasts for population and economic growth, you should be able to narrow your search. As an increase in population occurs, the demand for housing correlates, leading to an even larger increase in investment opportunities.

Browse our buy-to-let property investments in Glasgow, Edinburgh & London, where you’ll find a range of available properties in sought-after postcodes.

Rental Value

Zone will always provide realistic and achievable advice as to the current rental value of your property, taking into account your own circumstances, the current market and the demand for similar properties like yours.

We will always explain in detail how we arrive at our property valuation and provide comparable evidence of recent local lettings.

House Values

Taking into account the intended value of your property once it comes to reselling is vital for achieving capital appreciation. As part of your location research, take a look into the significantly higher valued homes and where they may be placed across the city.

You want to ensure that what you are getting from a property is worth exactly what you pay for it, factoring in any additional costs such as requirements for renovation, property taxes and maintenance.

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