Thinking of Switching Letting Agents in Edinburgh? Avoid This Common Mistake

There are many reasons why you might want to switch letting agents in Edinburgh. 

Maybe your current agent isn’t providing the best level of service to you or your tenants. Perhaps their contractors are unreliable, and maintenance is slipping. Or maybe you just can’t get anyone on the phone.

If you’re frustrated with your existing letting agent, it could be time to try someone new. But there’s one common misconception that’s holding a lot of landlords back from switching. 

They think they need to wait until the tenancy agreement is over and the property is empty before they can start fresh with new letting agents. 

The good news? 

You Don’t Need to Wait Until the End of the Tenancy Agreement! You Can Switch Letting Agents Whenever You Want.

It’s true. When you work with a letting agent, you’ll have a contract with them to manage your property — but it’s not contingent on the Tenancy Agreement. The Tenancy Agreement is an entirely separate contract between the landlord (that’s you) and their tenant.

That means you can switch letting agents in Edinburgh at any time, so long as you give enough notice (as per your contract with your current letting agent).

In fact, it can often be far more straightforward to move to a new letting agent while you have tenants in place. That way, your new agent is simply managing an already-let property, rather than spending time marketing, conducting viewings, and vetting new tenants to fill an empty one.

How to Switch Letting Agents in Edinburgh with Zone

Switching letting agents doesn’t need to be complicated. As we mentioned above, all you really need to do is give your current agent written notice that you’ll be leaving. From there, your new letting agent will typically handle the rest on your behalf.

Here at Zone, switching letting agents in Edinburgh is smooth and straightforward. We’ll get in touch with your current agent to get the ball rolling and keep you informed every step of the way.

The switch will include:

  • A handover from your current agent detailing any rent arrears, payment plans, planned maintenance, and other tenant requests.
  • The transfer of keys, an up-to-date inventory, and a copy of the current lease agreement.
  • The transfer of the latest safety certificates. 

We’ll also liaise with your sitting tenants, providing them with updated bank account details for rent payments and a new point of contact to raise any issues going forward.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about switching letting agents in Edinburgh. Our friendly team of property consultants are ready to help.


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